We are pleased to announce the fourth CME accredited International Summer School of Renal Pathology to be held at the University of Bari, Italy, from July 3rd - July 15th 2017. ISSRP Scholarships are available to cover some of the costs (see scholarship announcement www.issrp.com). The awardee(s) will be selected by the ISN pathology committee.

The course will include three aspect of renal pathology:

  • • native kidney diseases
  • • transplant kidney diseases
  • • molecular nephropathology

Registration will occur in several steps to avoid overbooking:

  1. Potential participant sends formal inquiry to ISSRP (see “Registration step 1 - inquiry form”);
  2. ISSRP will send within a week from receiving applicant inquiry form a request of registration and a registration form to be submitted within 2 weeks to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;
  3. Within a week from receiving this registration form, applicant will receive an e-mail of notification of acceptance and instructions for payment by bank transfer. This is to avoid overbooking since there are only 24 spots available each edition. In case the applicant is rejected, he/she will receive a notification of rejection due to overbooking and will be encouraged to reapply for the following edition, for which the applicant will have precedence over other students;
  4. Accepted applicant has 2 weeks to complete bank transfer;
  5. Upon receiving full payment, ISSRP will send a notification of payment.

Application for fellowship;

  1. Participant may proceed with a request of fellowship (see scholarship announcment on this website);
  2. Application submission will be followed by an email from ISSRP of notification of received fellowship application;
  3. If awarded, an email of notification of scholarship awarded will be generated by June 1st 2017;
  4. If fellowship is not awarded to applicant an email of notification of rejection will be generated.